About Stolen Brand

When STOLEN was founded in 2003 we had no idea we would be one of the Industry’s leading brands these few years later. Our initial focus was on the US & UK, but we rapidly grew to have worldwide distribution in more than forty countries. We realize that there are many BMX bike brands to choose from, in fact more than twenty five companies are offering complete BMX bikes today. Despite all this competition Stolen has continued to grow. We are a product-oriented company, not marketing magicians or used car salesmen filling you full of lies and B.S. We proudly make our bikes and parts in Taiwan, not mainland China. There is one reason $7,000.00 high-end road bikes are made in Taiwan and $100.00 WallyWorld bikes are made in China… QUALITY!

We have ridden bikes and worked in this industry for most of our lives. We hope it shows in everything we design and produce.

Thank you for your continued support,
-Stolen BMX, 2003-Forever