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A couple @jratima jibs  @bangerboyz

A couple @jratima jibs @bangerboyz

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Quick Vans clip from @touchmynick

Quick Vans clip from @touchmynick

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One of the Stolen Family recently suffered a loss. The boys @qbmx sent a surprise package to ease the pain. We cannot thank them enough. This will make our Friday a great bit Sorry to all the dealers who's orders we are about to pack... Sláinte!!!
What do you think about @jratima 's tires? Tag a friend!
We are absolutely swamped over here, so if we haven't responded to your email or call yet we apologize! We will ASAP, and thank you for all the orders! 🏽
Our 2017 bikes are starting to ship to dealers. Flipbook is dropping Friday. In the meantime here's a quick look at our new line of completes.
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@jratima out in the streets  @johnrmcgowan

@jratima out in the streets @johnrmcgowan

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