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Comfortable wearable Stolen advertising

Great BMX parts and bikes, so I don't mind giving them free advertising when I'm out and about. Besides this Tshirt rocks.

The Loki XL, perfect 300ml post

Great post to raise my bum a little higher when resting on my seat. I'm older so my knees need the room. Factory posts are meant to kiss the frame, so this XL version works great. Plenty of room now, a little comfort now and then is a good thing. Looks stellar too.

Perfect half link chain for any bmx

This half link chain is pretty tough and and can take a thrashing. It's also very easy to work with and install on any sprocket. Currently it's on a WTP sprocket with guard, looks great. You can't go wrong with this Balland Chain.

Brian Jeppson

Fast shipping!

Kris Cote
Tires bottom brackets and grips

I love everything I got in the order, it came fast and everything was there! Stolen stuff is always top notch and that’s why I buy it! Thanks so much for all your help and answering all my questions, you guys are the best!

My Go-to bike now!

Honestly the best-feeling bike I’ve owned so far. It doesn’t feel, Or even “look” like a big bike. Just feels like I’m a kid again. I love STLN! Very underrated, but Zeke will make you a believer!

Rampage wheels

Could not have made a better choice. Everything that I get from stolen is the best quality without the expensive price tag.

Thank you

Solid 100%

Rad stuff. Quick shipping. I needed hard time find hub parts. And they had em, I got some other things will continue to do businesses

Fantastic Traction, Price, Color Selection, and best of all, the Ability to add Reflectors! !!!

I really like these pedals, because the grip is fantastic. I love the micro knurling, and I'm comfortable and confident riding manuals at 35-40 mph using these pedals, where any part failure would mean a serious, high speed accident. The 6mm broach is a nice touch, as is the light weight ... but I do wish there was slightly more of a curve on the outer edge of the pedal because the way they're currently designed, you can't slide the bike on it's side like Dblocks or Damon VW Guy. My favorite part, ironically, is the ability to add Reflectors, which is an easy way to add some safety to your bike when you're riding around dusk or low light areas. I like the reflectors so much I bought a whole bunch of them so I can hand them out at rideouts!

2022 ZEKE 26"
James Armstrong
I’m phat

Had this bike 5 years gained 60 lbs At 290lbs but still solid af just a bit squeaky .. I probably need to oil the cranks but this thing is solid like a tank

Favorite pedals

These are my favorite pedals. I am on my 3rd set because I do a lot of pedal grinds. I have never broken a spindle or had a bearing blow out. I have never broken the pedal body. The grip is perfect. The wide pedal body is comfortable. The recessed end cap never gets destroyed which makes the bearing easy to tighten up if needed. If you hate plastic pedals then these are a great option at a great price.

Great product

great product. way better than conventional bar ends, also more durable. customer service is exceptional as well.

Kenny Detwiler

I don't know why I don't see a whole lot more people with these tires especially for the price point. They're better than a lot of my higher price tires nice and squeaky fast I will be buying them again! You really can't go wrong trust somebody who's been riding for 30 years

2022 MAX 29"
Neck Snapper

After a long process of research and test drives, YouTube and reviews it came down to only a few 29ers for me. The Max was the clear choice, premium parts on a stock bike all Chromoly, love the black and white, yes I got the black model w the camo tires. Everywhere I go I’m snapping necks! People love this bike kids and adults can stop watching me out this wheel up and cruise on the blocks. I love this bike! After I snapped and cracked some bearings doing a larger then normal stair set and an awkward landing I opted for buying and installing the Stolen Revolver Headset m, and y’all lemme tell you this thing is sicker then ever smoother then ever. Get this bike dialed in and drop it for a bounce check it’s so sold it sounds like a basketball dribbling. Stolen has answered any question I have had and shipped out my goods quick fast and in a hurry. I ride. I die. I ride again. Stolen Max/ better then an overrated SE. I was close to getting the Cult Devotion, but this Max comes with all the primo parts double walls and chromoly everything you cannot beat it. It’s a steal. I am an ambassador for this brand and stand by Stolen. Get out and ride!

Akeem Miller
Very beautiful and dependable

It’s look so smooth and perfect it’s completes my 2015 sinner it makes my bike feels brand new again …..THANKS FOR CREATING THIS CRANK!!!!

Great sat

One of the best seats I have rode! It’s super light some people like that. I will definitely buy more of these

Fiction savage American BB

This will be the third kit I’ve ordered. I absolutely love how easy it is to install. Not to mention the quality of materials, and just the overall look of the bike with a now sealed BB. this kit is so awesome. Just wish I had more bikes to do it to. Very minimal maintenance on the BB with this kit. Couldn’t have that with an unsealed BB

Like butter

These are one of the best pegs I have rode! Thy don’t wear fast at all and they slide like butter on non waxed ledges. Stolen definitely makes a quality peg!!

2022 MAX 29"
Jared Hill
Awesome bike great service

Great product brake on bike came broke everything else Great

Great seat!

I liked the seat so much I bought a 2 more one for my other bike and a back up for my my everyday rider. The seats are super comfy and light for people who care about weight

Excellent for flatland

These pedals caught my attention some time ago due to the color selection, number of pins on the platform, and the platform shape/size. Riding flatland means I need pedals that hold my feet in place, but just as importantly, can let go of my feet when necessary. These are excellent for having the perfect amount of grip needed at all times without causing me to stick to the pedal during certain tricks when I don't want to. The color selection is just icing on the cake!

2022 MAX 29"
Jason Banuelos
Better then any SE

I’m 5’10, 260lbs and ride this thing hard. Snapped the chain doing an indo kick out thing down the curb nothing serious. They replaced it no problem and sent me a 18% off my next purchase . Standup guys - responded to my messages almost instantly. This bike is better then any SE fanboy bike.

Longer pegs for a little coin

Surprised by these pegs, after installing these, they can take some abuse. Just a tad longer than regular pegs and with the Thermalite sleeves, they glide like crazy. I ordered a couple extra sleeves for when the time comes, but I think it'll take a while to wear them down and I'm an older, heavier rider too. Great purchase.

Awesome rims for the money.

Got these rims on sale, you can't go wrong at these prices. Ordered the pink rims which has this enamel look and feel. They are super sturdy and rigid, nice double walled rims that'll match my S&M fork. There are other rims that cost 4-5x as much, but I'm not a pro and I like a bargain. With these rims you can't go wrong.

I literally have no comment on the rim, I haven’t even rode on it yet, but it’s stolen so it’s probably good. I will say though that I ordered this and just simply asked to put on a 11t driver for me for an older school bike and they were just like yea no problem… That was really cool. If you read this, buy more stuff from them, people and companies just don’t do stuff like that unless they’re genuinely awesome