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TECH: Cherry Taperlock

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(above) Cherry Taperlock Dropouts

The Stolen Cherry features our unique Taper Lock dropout system which prevents wheel slip. The dropout itself is 5mm thick, which is a standard width. There is a tapered channel along the axle slot that is thinner in the back (2.5mm) and thicker at the front (4.25mm). The included tapered washer rides in this grooved area and the gradual tapered design locks the axle in place.

As pictured below the Taperlock washers will sit on the inside of both dropouts. The flat side of the washers should be installed facing the lock nuts or collars of the rear hub. With the tapered side of the washer towards the dropout the 14mm extension should be orientated towards the rear of the dropout. The tapers will match up from washer to dropout and torquing down the hub will lock the hub into place.

Note: Tighten the hub into the frame by torquing down each side gradually. This will ensure the hub remains located in the predetermined position in the dropout.

If a large alloy hub guard is installed on the non drive side of the hub you can leave out the Taperlock washer. This is only acceptable if the hub guard has a large face that will contact the outer section of the dropout surrounding the taper channel. The drive side of the hub will still utilize the Taperlock washer and prevent any wheel slip.

(below) Taperlock washers

(below) Taperlock washers seated completely forward in the dropout

(below) Taperlock washers pulled back in the dropout slot

(below) Taperlock washers installed on a cassette hub and mounted in the dropouts

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