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TECH: Revolver hub

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1. Hub shell
2. CrMo axle (3/8") | #S2400
3. 6900 sealed bearing | #S2924
4. CrMo Lock nut | #S2923
5. CrMo axle nut | #S2922
Rebellion Front Hub: 36h only
Flange Diameter: 40mm
Spoke Hole Diameter: 2.8mm
Flange Offset: 19mm

Notes: To remove the axle from the hub remove all hardware from one side completely to leave only the sealed bearing. The axle can be taken out at this point by tapping the same end with a rubber mallet causing it to exit from the the other side of the hub.

*An older version of this front hub is fitted with R6 sealed bearings. It is an entirely different hub and parts can be ordered direct (while supplies last).

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