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TECH: Rebellion cassette

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1. Hub shell
2. CrMo axle (M14x1 female) | #S2401
3. 6902 sealed bearing | #S2909
4. Lock nut (non drive side) | #S2902
5. Lock nut (drive side) | #S2903
6. CrMo STLN axle bolts (3/8"x24tpi) | #S499
7. Driver Spacer | #S2904
8. Aluminum seal (drive side) | #S2905
9. Steel spring (engagement) | #S2900
10. Steel pawls (4 qty) | #S2901
11. 6802 sealed bearing (back side) | #S2906
12. CrMo driver (9t, sealed) | #S2402
13. Needle bearing | #S2907
14. Steel bushing | #S2908
15. 6802 sealed bearing (front side) | #S2906
Rebellion Cassette Hub: RHD or LHD, 36h, 9t driver

Drive Flange Diameter: 57mm
Non-Drive Side Flange Diameter: 51mm
Spoke Hole Diameter: 2.8mm
Drive Flange Offset: 25mm
Non-Drive Flange Offset: 30mm

Notes: To remove the axle from the hub both sides need to be completely disassembled. This will include extraction of the pawls and springs from the shell. The axle can be taken out at this point by tapping the end of the non drive side with a rubber mallet causing it to exit from the drive side of the hub.

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