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TECH: Easy Street FC

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Owner's Manual: Open PDF

Easy Street Freecoaster: RHD, 36h, 10t driver
Drive Flange Diameter: 58mm
Non-Drive Side Flange Diameter: 45mm
Spoke Hole Diameter: 2.8mm
Drive Flange Offset: 29.5mm
Non-Drive Flange Offset: 29.5mm


Drive Side: 6806 sealed (1 qty)
Non Drive Side: 6902 sealed (2 qty)
Clutch: 1/4" steel ball (4 qty)
Driver: 6802 sealed (3 qty)

Ensure the freecoaster slack setting is within range at all times. This is covered in the manual as well as the adjustment video below.

There are only two pawls and springs located within the hub stock.

The only points within the hub that need lubrication is the pawl/springs (drop of lube) and the 1/4" steel balls (dab of grease each) between the clutch and driver.
The rest of the hub internals can remain relatively dry without issue since it rolls on sealed bearings.

Erratic engagement can typically be pinpointed to grease beneath the large coil spring in the center of the axle. You can resolve this by removing the coil spring from the axle and degreasing it thoroughly. This will increase friction of the coil spring to the axle and allow for it to engage consistently.

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