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Sean Morr

Instagram: @seanmorr1
Sean Morr Bio
DOB: 12/9/87
Hometown: Wadsworth, IL
Current Resides: Long Beach, CA
Years Riding: 14 give or take
Inspiration: Anyone having a good time and being successful in what they are doing
Favorite Music: Hip Hop or Classic Rock and Oldies. Jaz-Z, Kanye, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Biggie and tons of other artists
Favorite Videos: Animal videos are always amazing and I love classics that everyone mentions, but currently Im stuck on Deadline
Favorite Place to Ride: Idk, never been to Barcelona and it looks like the most fun. Probably just a good rail on a normal day
Favorite Stln product: My signature Silencer pegs
Interests: Bikes, making the most of life, having a lot of fun, trees, girls, good times with friends, not getting hurt, and being successful in whatever i put my effort into. Life is short and never forget that. Try and live everyday and dont let it slide by


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