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Print Ad: Kurt Russell X Flip Hub/Guard


Heres our latest ad for Ride 194 with a photo of Kurt shot by Joey Cobbs during our Canada trip.  Our new hub is bullet proof and has custom forged bolts we opened a mold for that has a deeper head so sockets don't slip off.

Photo Of The Day: Glen Girbovan

Glen Girbovan with a ledge ride to tailwhip in San Diego.

Sponsored Event: Clock Tower Jam

TCU Instagram Slam w/ Morgan Long

Instagram Slam #7 Nate Richter met up with Morgan Long and Raul Ruiz at the Houghton skatepark in Long Beach. TCU posted a photo on Instagram and all of our friends and fans named off tricks for the guys to do. Morgan and Raul came through with some help from John Hicks and Josh Delcour.

Ride's One Hot Product: Piece Pocket Tool

Our new Piece Tool is available now!  Get your LBS to order it for you if they don't have it yet.

You can also pick one up here; Greasy Comb | Retail

Sean Morr / Stolen Silencer Peg Promo

Sean Morr / Stolen Silencer Peg

Sean Morr talks about his signature "Silencer" pegs and explains and shows you what went into their design.

Morgan Long Update

Morgan Long Update-Euro
Hey guys, hope everyone is enjoying there summer. I spent the last two and a half weeks back in the Midwest in my hometown of Quincy IL. Hanging out with my family was my main priority while I was back,  I got to be in town for my little nephews 6th birthday. I surprised him by bringing him back a 16" stolen and he was completely stoked. Huge thank you to everyone at stolen for hooking that up! It felt good to ride some spots that I grew up riding and the Midwest weather treated me pretty well considering it was August. While I was back I seen two people get knocked out while pedaling down the street and I also rode up on a horrible car wreck. It was a eventful two weeks to say the least. Check out some photos from my trip below and see more photos on my Instagram @yomorganlong
. Pedal safe out there and enjoy the last bit of summer.

Morgan Long Update-Collage

TCU Instagram Slam w/ Sean Morr

The Instagram Slam got our own Sean Morr to fire out some tricks at a skatepark in LA. 

Filmed and edited by John Hicks.

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