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VIDEO: Dan Kruk - Clips from the Road

"In October I spent a month on the road doing box jump demos from Colorado to North Carolina and these are some clips I got with my phone from my free time along the way. Guest Clip from Bobbie Altiser Filmed by: Dan Sieg, Lane George, Preston Solis, Bobbie Altiser, Dan Kruk"

 Song: Beach is better - Jay Z

Photos from Vital BIKE game


There's an awesome gallery put together by Brandon Means of the Vital Game of BIKE. Morgan Long & Sean Morr seen above during warm ups prior to their challengers. Have a look at some of the wild moves that went down for the crown. source: Vital Game of BIKE 2013 gallery 


Sean Morr; park rat


Sean Morr, over dubs

Vital Game of BIKE: Sean Morr

Jacob Cable vs. Sean Morr, round one 

Sean Morr vs. Albert Mercado, round two

Vital Game of BIKE: Morgan Long

Morgan Long vs. Brandon Webster , first round

AD: Dan Kruk x Stratos Stem

Ride BMX issue 196 features Dan Kruk in his first print AD tackling a lengthy rail. Our new modern Stratos stem is now available worldwide at various STLN dealers & mailorders. Be sure to give him a follow @dankrukbmx

DansComp 'Roll Call' trailer feat. Morgan Long

Dan's Comp "ROLL CALL" Trailer from www.dans360.com

The trailer for the upcoming, full-length Dan's Comp team DVD, featuring the riding of: Terry Adams, Brett Banasiewicz, Stevie Churchill, Chase Dehart, Tony Hamlin, Van Homan, Ben Hucke, Trey Jones, Chad Kerley, Seth Kimbrough, Morgan Long, Alex Magallan, Corey Martinez, Tony Neyer, Broc Raiford, Dakota Roche, Raul Ruiz, Devon Smillie, Hoang Tran, Shane Weston, Matt Wilhelm and Nathan Williams.

Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson for Dan's Comp. Available late November, 2013.

Morgan Long invited to VITAL game of BIKE

Vital BMX has posted 16 of the 32 invited riders to their annual Game of BIKE. Morgan Long is listed amongst a solid list of other pros. Hit up their website for more information about the event.

Vital BMX Game of BIKE 16 Riders Announced

TCU Instagram - Sean Morr clips & Silencer pegs

Couple clips of Sean riding around yesterday got tossed up on TCU Instagram. Also noticed Adam22 retired the prototype Silencers we kicked him down over a year ago with a fresh set of four pegs.

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