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Morgan Long and his New Shoes


Just before Morgan took off on his DansComp Midwest tour he recieved a little package thanks to Osiris.  Here is a photo of him putting those shoes to the test!

Morgan Long and the DansComp tour


Morgan Long is Currently on a DansComp midwest skatepark tour with the team.  It looks pretty cold in the photo above.  For constant updates of the trip check out the Dans360 site and see what is going on with these guys. http://www.dans360.com/news.html

Vault Man Cave (VMC)


The Vault Park got a bit of an upgrade this holiday season. Besides having an amazing indoor park, we now have a pool table and dart board. Can't beat that!


QBMX - Quality's dedicated BMX website


Our US distro, Quality Bicycle Products, has announced a dedicated website from BMX-focused individuals at QBP. The site has it all from articles to wishlists to dealer locations and everything in between. You'll have to take a look around for yourself to take it all in. QBPBMX.COM

Kurt Russell on DIG trip to Virgin Islands


Kurt Russell just left for a DIG trip out to St. Thomas Island in the Caribbean. He'll be out there for 13 days with 10 other riders escaping the cold and doing it big. He sent us this text just before he flew out; "bags ready. bike, captain's hat, shades, prophylactics, shants, ps3, dank, and white tees". Goin' donkey

Cherry/Cheater build up on Unleaded

Stolen Bike Co. Thermals for sale!

Keep warm this winter with a Stolen Bike Co. thermal.  These guys come in Medium, Large, XL, and are printed on American Apparel.  Get your hands on these for $29.99 plus shipping and you can only order them directly from us.  Contact us usa[at]stolenbmx.com to get one.  We do Credit Card or Paypal. 

BV Jam on Jan. 29th at the Bluff Valley Skatepark

Kurt FLyer
Here is the flier for the BV Jam happening on January 29th.  If you happen to be in Minnesota around that time you should check it out!  It will be at the Bluff Valley Skatepark.  Read over the flier for all the info you will need.
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