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Stolen Bike Co is now on Twitter.  Follow @Stolenbikeco for updates, team news, products, and what's going on at Stolen HQ.

Fabien Dulong Stolen edit

Fabien Dulong Stolen Edit from clement carpentier on Vimeo.

"I'd like to introduce Fabien Dulong, our new french flow rider for Stolen Bike Co. He filmed these clips within the last couple months between our two recent snow storms on his fresh Stolen Cherry frame." -Unleaded BMX

Sean Morr and John Hicks at the Quintin Holiday Party

2010 Flatbill Trucker Hats Available Now

2010 Flatbill Trucker HatsOur new 2010 Flatbill Trucker Hats are available now for last minute holiday shopping.  Make sure to call your local Stolen Bike Dealers and get a hold of these!  These hats come in black/black, teal/black, and purple/black.  

New Props Site

New 2011 Shirts for the Holidays!

Blake Peters out


MOB team member, Blake Peters, is having deja vu with an ankle that recently broke. Got the boot off for a bit only to have it back on from trying to get out and pedal. He's stuck with the boot until the 30th and will have to wait another week or so to ride again. In the mean time you can catch him online (xbox - gnardogbmx) getting down with Black Ops or MW2 to pass the time. 

Video: Tenerife Winter trip


The UK team has made it home and finished up the video from the Tenerife trip feat. Morgan Long. Aside a couple rainy days and flight delays back home the trip went over great. Enjoy the vid and have a look around at our new website. 

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