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Vital BMX visits STLN at Interbike

Stolen at Interbike 2013 - More BMX Videos

Vital BMX comes through and checks out some of the new products that we are dropping this year. Check out our new sprocket, stem, colorway and completes.

VIDEO: LMB x BAYGAME Clock Tower Jam 2

LMB x BayGame Clock Tower Jam 2 went off Sept 24th and there was a heavy turn out this year. Always great to see a scene come together and have some fun at jams like the Clock Tower. Watch both the edits to get an idea of what went down this time around and be sure to keep an eye out for next years.

Dan Kruk update 9/23

Dan Kruk update1 

This month was full of riding, road trips and filming. I started the month by driving from Wisconsin to Michigan with a couple of friends of mine. We were in search of non-blown out spots and cool people to ride with. There is so many good untapped places to ride there and it made for a good trip.

Toward the end of this month we drove on up to Minneapolis, Minnesota to shred their spots as well. We ended up staying with a random person who followed us on Instagram and he turned out to be an awesome dude and tour guide. Airik Elstran showed us around for the majority of the trip and he did not let us down.

On October 6th I'm flying to Denver, Colorado to partake on a 20 day road trip to do demos at middle and elementary schools all across the state. Be sure to follow me on instagram if you'd like to see some photos from the trip! @dankrukbmx 

Dan Kruk update2

Dan Kruk update3

RIDEbmx: Interbike gallery

Head over to the Ride BMX site to check out some of the new products we have on display for this year at Interbike. 

Jackson Ratima in Primo Blazers

Check Jackson Ratima get down in the new edit by Primo, 'Blazers'.

RIDEbmx: STLN Interbike 2013 video

Stolen owner, David Wootten, shows you their new Stratos stem & Cartwheel sprocket with their new wild 'Hot Pipe' color and then explains the specs on their top of the line 20" Sinner XLT bike.

Jackson Ratima & Joel Moody iPhone Session

Jackson Ratima, Joel Moody and Shane Mclellan hit up this awesome abandoned skate spot in LA. Nate Richter captured these clips for a solid iPhone sessions edit. 

Ralphy Ramos Mexico trip

Ralphy Ramos has been out in Mexico with Nigel for Animal 'Across the Border' trip. Looking forward to seeing what Ralphy worked on out there.
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