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Troy Merkle Bike Check feat STLN goods

Our good friend Troy Merkle has a bike check with a Q&A over on The Union. He's currently on some of our goods including the Legion frame, Thermalite pedals, and Joint tires. Hit the link and see what Troy has been up to with the DG guys. BMX Union: Troy Merkle Bike Check

[FOLLOW] Team Setup


We've teamed up with DANSCOMP to offer a free to enter complete custom bike giveaway for the new year! Head over to their blog (DANS360) to get a run down on the parts and click through to enter in the contest. Best of luck!

UPDATE: Sean Morr New Years

Sean NewYears

What's up guys hope everyone had a happy holidays. As you seen earlier I hurt my wrist right after thanksgiving and had to chill for a few week. That def sucked but I'm feeling good now and excited for the new year. My stln street edit is almost done and can't wait for you guys to see what the team is up to in 2014. Stay shredding

INTERVIEW: Through The Lens: Catching Up with Jackson Ratima


Jackson Ratima has an interview up on www.bmxunion.com written and shot by Jeremy Pavia
Jackson talks about some of our plans for 2014 and some other interesting stuff.  Go check it out.

Ralphy Ramos's Christmas Giveaway

Ralphy Giveaway Image
We teamed up with Ralphy Ramos and Animal Bikes to make this Instagram giveaway.  One lucky winner wins it all.  Log into your Instagram account and follow the instructions and you'll be registered to win! The giveaway Bike is a 2014 LHD Stolen Sinner with assorted Animal parts.

#HAZYINAZ road trip feat. Jackson Ratima & Glen Girbovan

TCU Premiere of the #HAZYINAZ road trip that went down recently featuring riders from Quintin, Colony, and STLN. Our dudes Jackson Ratima & Glen Girbovan representing in this edit that was filmed and edited by Nate Richter. Be sure to check out the gallery shot by Wes McGrath from the Arizona trip here; http://thecomeup.com/photos/wes-mcgraths-hazyinaz-photo-gallery

Furthermore, in case you missed it the first time around the #HAZYINAZ crew gets down in TCU's Instagram Slam; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCiCEp7v0wI

VIDEO: Long Beach BMX - Epic Park Session

Sean Morr is featured throwing down in this Long Beach edit filmed by Miles Rogoish for the ComeUp. 

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