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#HAZYINAZ road trip feat. Jackson Ratima & Glen Girbovan

TCU Premiere of the #HAZYINAZ road trip that went down recently featuring riders from Quintin, Colony, and STLN. Our dudes Jackson Ratima & Glen Girbovan representing in this edit that was filmed and edited by Nate Richter. Be sure to check out the gallery shot by Wes McGrath from the Arizona trip here; http://thecomeup.com/photos/wes-mcgraths-hazyinaz-photo-gallery

Furthermore, in case you missed it the first time around the #HAZYINAZ crew gets down in TCU's Instagram Slam; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCiCEp7v0wI

VIDEO: Long Beach BMX - Epic Park Session

Sean Morr is featured throwing down in this Long Beach edit filmed by Miles Rogoish for the ComeUp. 

AD: Jackson Ratima X Cartwheel

Print AD featured in RIDE BMX issue 197. photo: Jeff Z

Jackson Ratima x Cartwheel sprocket. Available now!

#HAZYINAZ photo gallery by Wes McGrath


photo: Wes McGrath / Glen Girbovan (rail, hard 180)

TCU just posted up the photo gallery from the recent #HAZYINAZ trip featuring Jackson Ratima & Glen Girbovan for STLN. Wes McGrath came through with such a solid line up of images as the above photo (featured in the gallery) depicts. 


VIDEO: Sean Morr SB chillin

Stolen Bikes - Sean Morr SB Chillin from Stolen BMX on Vimeo.

Sean back in Santa Barbara with the warm up morning session at the local skatepark. Raban met up and was the man behind the lens on this chill web edit. Sean is currently down for a bit with a sprained wrist but he's nearly finished with a full STLN edit that we'll be premiering early next year. Be on the lookout. 

VIDEO: Commuting with Chris Brown

Quintin just dropped this smooth lifestyle commercial of our man Chris Brown in their 2013 Holiday softgoods. Check out their lineup at quintinco.com

DansComp Roll Call DVD


The DansComp Roll Call video premiere is happening this Saturday at The Bakery in Chicago. Morgan Long put in work with Stew for this DVD and with the rest of the line up its sure to be wild. Hit up Dans360 for more information and updates on Roll Call.

California/Arizona street gallery by Devin Feil


Devin Feil has an exclusive photogallery on TCU from the local talent around Southern California & Arizona streets. Our man Sean Morr has a massive gap to wall photo in the mix. Be sure to view the whole gallery here; 


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