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VIDEO: Sean Morr 2014

Instagram Slam 27: The Quintin Team In LA

Stolen's Chris Brown hosts TCU's Instagram slam.  Quintin riders including our own Jackson Ratima throw down as followers call out the tricks.

BMX Union Insight: Stolen – 2014 Heist


BMX Union posted some insight and cool photos into the mid-level Stolen complete called the Heist.  A great bike with a top of sealed bearings, Chromoly and after-market parts for $449.99 at your local dealer or Dans Comp.

Check it out HERE

Dan Kruk's New Bike Check

Dan Kruk BikeDan Kruk just built up a new bike with a Stolen frame and parts and some Madera parts. 

Check it out on RideBMX, VitalBMX, or BMXUnion

Follow: DanKrukBMX

Stolen Bikes - Dan Kruk 2014

Dan Kruk update: OTT bmx contest

"This past Saturday my friend Shane and I left Milwaukee at 5 am to embark on a 4 and 1/2 hour adventure. The destination was a contest in the state of 10,000 lakes. Kurt from BMXunion.com sets this event up every year and it is always a huge success and very fun. For the past 3 years I have made this drive to the Over The Top skatepark in Zumbro Falls Minnesota in hopes of walking away with out a scratch. Well unfortunately that doesn't always happen and I left with a small tear in my finger. Although I didn't even qualify I was still really proud of how well I rode. Down below is an edit that Blake Walters made of the contest and I have a few clips around 2:45. Take a peek" - Dan Kruk

RideBMX: Frostbike photo gallery


Head over to RIDEbmx to check out their product gallery from QBP's Frostbike show. Direct link: bmx.transworld.net
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