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INTERBIKE: BMX Union Took Some Photos





BMX UNION took some photos of some our new stuff we presented at Interbike. Go HERE and check it out.

2015 Stolen Bikes & Parts Catalog

We’re really happy the way the 2015 line-up turned out. We worked for months getting every detail on the bikes just right to make these the best bike we've ever made. Unlike most of our competitors we still make the every bike in Taiwan (not China) to offer you the best quality bike possible.
We have a few new bikes to check out this year; The Sinner Team Series (STS) bikes are Sean Morr, Jackson Ratima and Ralphy Ramos signature bikes designed for the street by street riders.  The Zeke XLT is our new disc brake compatible 26" wheel cruiser.
We also have some new frames and parts.  The new TALON crank is a tubular Chromoly, 48 splined, LH or RH compatible crankset that retails for $99.99
Check out our new super strong wheelsets called the REVOLUTION. We are offering new rider designed STS seats, seat combos and the unique signature colorway HYDRA frames due out in November.  
Bikes and most of the parts will hit distributors at the end of this month so stay tuned...

VIDEO: Glen Girbovan For Vital

VIDEO: Jackson Ratima 2014 STLNBIKES Edit

Stolen Bikes - Jackson Ratima from Stolen BMX on Vimeo.

Check out a few clips Jack had tucked away in the stash.

filmed & edited:Tommy Blanco

song: Jackson Sisters - ''Miracles''

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@stolenbikeco @jratima @tommyjblanco

Ralphy Ramos In Israel


Our own Ralphy Ramos has a trip story up on Green Label which is a new site from Mountain Dew. Ralphy and Nigel Sylvester went to Israel to film an edit for G-Shock.  Read it HERE

VIDEO: Jackson Ratima Bike Check + Riding

Jackson Ratima: Riding + Bike Check - More BMX Videos

Jackson Ratima runs through his bike while cruising out in Los Angeles for Zach Krejmas/Vital BMX. Couple prototype parts in the mix that we'll be announcing soon...

VIDEO: Glen Girbovan Welcome Back To The Team!

Stolen Bikes - Glen Girbovan - Welcome Back To The Team from Stolen BMX on Vimeo.

Glen left the team to ride for another brand earlier this year and now he's back!  We are so stoked to have this young up and coming rider back on the squad. 

filmed & edited: Mile Rogoish
song: Mac Dre - @littlepces
follow (Instagram): @stolenbikeco @onion_glen @mrogoish

AD: Ralphy Ramos x STLN Team Grips

Ride US ISsue 200Print AD featured in Ride US issue 200. photo: Jeff Z 

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