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Kurt Russell

Instagram: @peep_game_yo
Kurt Russell Bio
DOB: 08/27/88
Hometown: Martinez, CA
Current Resides: Pittsburg, CA
Years Riding: about 10
Inspiration: New street spots, creative riding, fine ladies
Favorite Music: Right now I'm into Jeezy, Waka Flocka, that new Rick Ross, but all music is good no descrimination.
Favorite Videos: Rubens' parts in both Etnies videos, Banned 3, all Little Devil and Animal videos are hittin
Favorite Place to Ride: Martinez skatepark, San Diego
Favorite Stln product: I can't choose between the Team cranks or the Cherry frame, so I'll just say both
Interests: Fast cars, BMX, kickin it hella tuff, fine ladies, slap'n beats


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