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Artem Agapov

Artem "Chester" Agapov Bio

DOB: August 7, 1989
Hometown: Krasnogors, Russia
Current Resides: Krasnogors
Years Riding: 6
Inspiration: Friends, good weather, music, videos
Favorite Music: Led Zeppelin, James Ferraro, The Doors, Cold Sun
Favorite Videos: Animal - All Day, Kaunet - V Rukove, Emerica - Stay Gold
Favorite Place to Ride: Skatepark new my home, Poklonnaya Gora, Center of Moscow, DC Banks
Favorite Stln product: Cherry frame and Thermalite pedals
Interests: Music, walking in the woods, to live alone in the mountains, travel the galaxies

Artem Agapov Video
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